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Convenience Marketers Association (CMA)
CMAlogo The CMA organization and brand was a thrill to create, take to market, and grow in answer to a request of the CEO for a $5 Billion Vending GPO - create a new revenue source. Simple, right? How about daunting? Until hitting research pay dirt where I discovered that single-store Convenience operators (63% of stores) are the holy grail for Consumer Product Manufacturers (CPG's), Brokers, and product Distributors... BUT nearly impossible to reach cost-effectively with rebates, marketing, or promotional resources. This is where the strategy comes in.

With existing manufacturer relationships in one hand and a platform for the Vending world in the other, I collaborated with the CEO then crafted and presented an ambitious business plan to save the industry's underserved from last pick to industry darling with a fist full of new profits. CPG Manufacturers from missing their biggest growth opportunity to reaching the entire segment. The GPO from new kid on the block to partnering with industry leaders and enjoying a new revenue stream.

Greenlighted by the Board of Directors, I swung into action to build the Convenience Marketers Association (CMA) National rebate organization from scratch, launched it within 10-months, solved the complex challenges of moving from one segment to another, and grew CMA into an industry go-to resource to represent 26% of single-store owners within two years.

For a sample of marketing tools created for CMA, watch this 2-minute explainer video:
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